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Scale your telemarketing operation with data-driven strategies. Why US?

Can’t expand your current client because of a lack of flexibility in your business operations? Are unexpected problems preventing you from reaching your sales targets? Then it’s time to test our telemarketing outsourcing service. We’re an industry leader in outsourcing, so you can count on our skilled inbound and outbound telemarketing services to handle all of your marketing needs and boost your bottom line. Our strategic solutions will help you find and convert qualified leads.

Hiring Call Master BPO For Telemarketing Services will always beThe Perfect Solution!

If you’re looking to take your company to new heights in a scalable way, consider outsourcing your outbound telemarketing services to us. By going straight to your target audience, you can expand your current customers and open up a whole new channel for bringing in potential buyers.

While it may seem like a simple task, not all telemarketing firms will actually improve your business’s bottom line. There is a long list of factors to think about before choosing a telemarketing service.
You should start by learning about the company’s background and previous projects. However, don’t let the cost be the only deciding factor. If you run a business that cares first and foremost about making money, you already know that superior investments provide superior returns.

That’s why at Call Master BPO, we aim for far higher KPIs in our B2B telemarketing campaigns. Although we have the resources to provide low-cost telemarketing services, we put credibility and professionalism ahead of cost because of our considerable experience in the field. Our primary goal is to increase your conversion rate from 1 sale per 100 calls to 2, 3, 4 or more.

All of the members of the telesales lead generating team who will be working on your account have been through our special training process. In addition to being GDPR and HIPAA compliant, our company has also received ISO certification. That way, you can rest assured that you will see a full return on your money in the form of reliable outcomes. Let us guide you to success by making the right calls.

Incredible Telemarketing Services we offer

Hire us to do your telemarketing so you can get good leads and close them. Enjoy a higher level of satisfaction, cater to your customers’ wants, and strengthen your relationship with them all with the help of our strategic solutions. 

Outbound Telemarketing

We carry out in-depth research on how to appeal to your target audience and utilize our resources to attract new customers. By engaging customers over the phone, our media team strategizes the best ways to successfully promote your products and services. We employ state-of-the-art tools and a wealth of experience to continuously pursue customer retention through follow-ups and guarantee their loyalty.

Inbound Telemarketing

To yield long-term profitability for your business, our trained agents analyze customers’ need, devise plans to win their trust, engage them, and emphasize the credibility of your brand. Market research, direct response, order taking, upselling/cross-selling, third-party verification, and enquiry surveys are just few of the many inbound services we offer. Use our expertise to enhance sales and lift your business. 

Sales & Lead Generation

Our understanding of difficult markets, unique customer approach, and lead generation technology can help you increase lead pool and ROI. With our help, you can reach the right audience and increase brand awareness. We successfully close the deals by employing teleconversations, extracting information from past engagement, and keeping leads interested in the most effective way possible.

Customer acquisition & Appointments

We have an expert staff of customer acquisition professionals who are well-versed in telesales and negotiate with the site-traffic to turn them into buyers. To turn your prospects into loyal customers, we contact the relevant target, set an appointment, and offer a superior solution to their current products or services. You may count on our expertise to enhance your long-term relationships with your customers. 

Teleprospecting & Consulting

Finding potential buyers isn't as easy as it sounds. We take the time to fully comprehend your needs and target market before approaching the tested lists of prospects to produce high-quality leads. In order to give you the best telemarketing consulting service possible, we do on-site audits, analyses, and reports on performance, recent update, scripts, and more. Enjoy the benefits of our expert services for an affordable cost. 

B2B & B2C cold calling

With our team of skilled B2B and B2C cold calling experts, we can meet any of your company's demands. We perform telephone campaigns to promote your products and services and assure full coverage of your business and the successful conversion of cold leads. With a relaxed, assured, and confident tone, we introduce your product or service to potential customers and set up further contact.

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