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Why Outsource Your Company's Email And Chat Support?

When it comes to providing support to your customers, email is a one-stop solution. Your timely response to the customer’s inquiry enhances your customer satisfaction and brand reputation. But the customer service you provide will suffer if you can’t answer their queries quickly.

Whether you’re a struggling startup focusing on product development or a multi-national business handling thousands of daily client enquiries, Call Master BPO’s email support services will help you do a better job of serving your customers and earning their loyalty. By acting as an extension of your staff, our email support experts can reduce response times from many hours to mere minutes.

We have a reliable system, cutting-edge technology, and a lively staff to guarantee the efficiency and safety of your customer’s email communication throughout the long ride, we are providing:

  • Query resolution,
  • Product inquiries,
  • Order taking
  • Order fulfilment
  • Payment inquiries
  • Documentation
  • Requests for service information.

To put it simply, we’ve got your back.

Query Inquiry & Product Handling

With our real-time database and a deep understanding of your business, you can show customers you care, build their trust and move hot prospects rapidly. Our experts efficiently manage feedback by giving them the information they want to seek in the quickest possible time.

Order Taking & Fulfillment

Provide first-rate email assistance to your customers with our chatbot's quick responses and technical & procedural expertise. Use our live chat service to provide a flawless experience for your customers so that they'll be hooked and come back for more.

24/7 Assistance

To make your consumers satisfied, shorten the time it takes to answer to emails. Our all-inclusive, 24/7 support makes your clients feel valued and understood, which speeds up the process of solving their issues. We're reliable enough to be relied on by your in-house staff.

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